Loving Pet Grooming in Whitestone

Regular grooming is an important part of being a pet owner! No pet likes to go ungroomed for a long period of time. Matted hair accumulates, oil clogs the pores, hair...
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Socialization in Dogs

Did you know that dogs can and should be socialized at any point in their life? From puppies to senior dogs, socialization is important to help dogs manage their stress levels...
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3 Tips to Ease Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

It’s no secret that our dogs hate to be apart from us. But some pup’s dogs can’t handle this speratation and resort to destructive behaviors when left alone. This is due...
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Why Do Cats Get Hairballs

As a loving pet parent of a cat, you may find your affections periodically strained by the unwelcome appearance of a hairball. Hairballs, while an unsightly aspect of cat ownership, are...
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What To Know About Fleas

Fleas are pesky little wingless pests that can infest an entire environment. They can jump onto any host and bury themselves in the fur of your pet. Once they find a...
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Diabetes in Cats

Diabetes is a medical condition where the body is unable to produce enough insulin to balance the blood sugar levels throughout the body. Pancreatitis, genetic factors, and lifestyle can all be...
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Dog Laser Therapy in San Antonio

Exciting new technological innovations have been coming to the pet health industry, which means more effective treatments for your pets. At Northwood Animal Hospital, we are one of the few practices...
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What Every Pet Owner Needs to Know About Heartworm

Heartworm is a potentially fatal disease that affects many pets every year. Heartworm is caused by foot-long worms that live in the heart, lungs, and blood vessels of the pet and...
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Finding a Reliable Vet in San Antonio

Maybe you just moved to San Antonio, or just got a new pup, or are looking to switch vets. No matter what the case is, finding a reliable vet in the...
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4 Fruits and Veggies That Double As Great Dog Treats

A complete diet is an important step in ensuring the general health and wellness of your dog. Proper nutrition tones the muscles, improves the body condition, increases immunity from infections, and...
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