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Caring for Your Dog After Tooth Extraction

Many people all around the world despise going to the dentist. It's completely understandable if you are one of them because orthodontic procedures can be among the most uncomfortable. The majority of people don't like people poking and prodding around the inside of your mouth, and your dogs are no exception to that. Tooth extractions can be a painful and stressful time for them, so you should know how to care for them after their dental work!


Watch What They Eat

After their tooth extraction, you will want to be as careful with their mouth as possible. This care involves making sure they don't struggle to chew their meals as they are healing. Remember that the extracted area is practically a wound that needs time to close. Give them soft foods to quickly slurp up, so they don't have to work their teeth too much. Depending on what your vet ordered, they may also need a special or new diet to keep them healthy. You don't want to undo your vet's work or make your dog's life harder, so be serious about what you feed them!


Take Extra Care With Their Mouth

After a tooth extraction, your vet will often stitch the gum tissue closed to promote healing and prevent infections. These stitches are meant to dissolve after some time when the wound heals, so it's vital to keep the damage intact until they are gone. It typically takes 2 weeks to a month to dissolve, and you need to be extra careful during this period. Avoid being too rough with your dog's mouth, and don't let them overuse their teeth while playing or eating. It might be best to refrain from giving them any chew toys or rough food while the wound is closing!


Give Medication as Needed

Your dog will be given anesthetic and numbing agents during the tooth extraction that will last until some time after the procedure. When this wears off, your dog may feel some pain that impedes their activities. Your vet will likely prescribe you pain medication for your dog if they need it. Suppose you notice any whining/whimpering, drooling, or inability to eat. In that case, it may be caused by the pain they are feeling in their mouths. Give them the medicine as instructed by your vet to help them out and provide them some relief!


Get the Best Dental Care For Your Dog at Northwood Animal Hospital

For a worry-free tooth extraction for your canine companion, Northwood Animal Hospital is there to provide just that! Our animal hospital can provide for your pet's needs, whether it be grooming, veterinary checkups, or even major surgical procedures. Our staff is more than capable of giving everything your pet could require under one roof! Contact us and see how we can change your dog’s life!


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